Tickets PRICE Info
Holidays Weekdays
Original 250 150
  1. Over 12yrs old, not over 65 yrs old
Original 200 120
  1. Children: 7~12 years old (since Jan 1st 2020 til Dec 31th 2013) or 115~150 tall
  2. Group: Over 20ppls for buying.
  3. Students: 1 ticket for each day with ID.
  4. Prove of taking public transportation, 1 ticket for each.
  5. Pay by First Commercial Bank credit card
Counties 100
  1. 4 tickets for each day with ID.
  2. Prove of personal ID, related papers had to be shown before purchase.
Multiple admission ticket 300
  1. Over 7 years old, not over 65yrs old, for personal use only(Please bring related personal identification for apply)
Off-campus teaching 100
  1. Student group with over 20 people


Free Enterance

  1. Children Under 7 years old (Born after Dec 31th 2013).
  2. Disability with guardians, enter by Handicap Handbook .
  3. Elders over 65 years od(Born after Dec 31th 1956 ) enter with personal identification.
  4. Volunteers with personal proves.
  5. Residents: Residents who live at Dongcheng Vil., Dongshan Township, Xincheng Vil., Su’ao Township, Senai Vil., Su’ao Township,
  6. enter with proves or personal identification.

Tickets Info

  1. Pay up would be needed between different tickets.
  2. During April 2 util April 5 will be count as holiday prices.
  3. Multiple admission ticket could be used only by person, no matter holidays or weekdays. Purchase could pe applied during(March 27 2021~May 9) with personal
  4. identification.
  5. Group tickets could be purchased only or over 20 peoples together.
  6. Off-campus teaching could be apply on the application system on official website.
  7. Stamp for leaving temporarily.
  8. Last ticket will be sold at the last hour before closing.
  9. Tickets for the expo has been certified by Tax Station of Yilan County Government as official receipt. If proves are needed please check with our conductors.
  10. Tickets which is used, damaged, unidentified, or without the stamp by Tax Station of Yilan County Government are invalid.



  1. Refund deadline and Reception Office:
    1. Tickets could be refunded before the end of the expo(before May 9 2021), used tickets are not permitted.
    2. Big amount of discount tickets or purchased for Tourism industry are not permitted.
    3. Purchasing on internet or convenience store should apply from original.
  2. Refunds information needed:
    1. Tickets without using
    2. Tickets which purchased by credit card are not permitted without credit card bills or other proves.